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VISOR® Code Reader


  • Reliably reads barcodes as well as printed and directly marked data matrix codes, and even several codes simultaneously and mixed 1D/2D codes
  • Supplementary object detection for characteristics other than codes
  • Evaluation of quality parameters according to ISO/IEC 15415 and AIM DPM 2006

Up to 2,334 ASCII symbols (7 bit) or 3,116 digits can be coded with an ECC-200 data matrix code.

Typical VISOR® Code Reader

The VISOR® Code Reader from SensoPart easily reads bar codes of numerous types as well as printed and direct marked data matrix codes according to the ECC 200 standard, regardless of the carrier materials (metal, plastic, paper, glass).

The sensor even easily deciphers skewed or distorted codes, or those attached to convex, reflective or transparent surfaces.

Built-in early warning system

The VISOR® Code Reader evaluates the quality of your printed and direct marked data matrix codes on the basis of standardised quality parameters according to ISO and AIM standards.

Scope of detectors according to the application:
  • Standard: Reliable reading of printed codes and labels
  • Advanced: Reading of printed and directly marked codes on all backgrounds
  • Professional: The complete package, including optical character recognition (OCR)