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SENSOPART Distance Sensors F85

FR 85-2 ILLG-POL5 FR 85-2 ILLG-S1L5 FR 85-2 ILLG-S1L5-62,5 Kb FR 85-2 ILLG2-S1L5
SENSOPART Distance Sensors F55

High-performance precision

The FT 55-RL(2)AM reliably detects surfaces from black to shiny even at large distances up to 1000 mm.

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SENSOPART Distance Sensors F50

Proven and reliable

The FT 50-RLA series in a slimline housing has already been a long-standing and reliable choice for many customers.

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SENSOPART Distance Sensors F25

For all measurement tasks

The laser and LED variants FT 25-R(L)A in miniature format are the perfect solution for simple applications.

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SENSOPART Photoelectric Sensors F10

Model: FT 10-BF2-NS-KM3 FT 10-BF3-NS-KM3 FT 10-BF2-PS-KM3 FT 10-BF3-PS-KM3 FT 10-BF2-NS-KM4 FT 10-BF3-NS-KM4 FT 10-BF2-PS-KM4 FT 10-BF3-PS-KM4 FT 10-BF2-NS-K4 FT 10-BF3-NS-K4 FT 10-BF2-PS-K4 FT 10-BF3-PS-K4 FT 10-RF3-NS-KM3 FT 10-RF3-PS-KM3 FT

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SENSOPART Color Sensor F25

RGB color sensor in miniature housing

The FT 25-C can identify any color in the visible spectrum including all the “non-colors” and also very reliably detects the smallest of color differences.

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SENSOPART Distance sensors F10
The world's smallest

The FT 10-RLA is scarcely larger than the tip of your finger – and therefore ideal for cramped conditions.

Model Number



SENSOPART VISOR Vision Sensor V50-SO-A3-C-2



  • Locating wafers
  • Checking wafer 
  • Detecting busbars

255 jobs with 255 detectors each

  • Alignment x/y and orientation
  • Pattern matching / Contour: Teach- in and recognition of patterns and contours
  • Calliper: Measurement of the distance between

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