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SENSOPART Distance Sensors F50


SENSOPART Distance Sensors F50

Proven and reliable

The FT 50-RLA series in a slimline housing has already been a long-standing and reliable choice for many customers.

FT 50-RLA-100-L8
FT 50-RLA-100-PL5
FT 50-RLA-100-S1L8
FT 50-RLA-20-F-K5
FT 50-RLA-20-F-L4S
FT 50-RLA-20-S-K5
FT 50-RLA-20-S-L4S
FT 50-RLA-220-L8
FT 50-RLA-220-PL5
FT 50-RLA-220-S1L8
FT 50-RLA-40-F-K5
FT 50-RLA-40-F-L4S
FT 50-RLA-40-S-K5
FT 50-RLA-40-S-L4S
FT 50-RLA-70-L8
FT 50-RLA-70-PL5
FT 50-RLA-70-S1L8

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