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Color & Contrast sensors


  • Efficient part detection
  • Accurate and high-speed detection of the subtlest differences in color and grey values as well as non-colors
  • Accurate and fast printing mark detection
  • Numerous outputs and interfaces for easy integration in machine control systems
  • IO-Link sensors can be operated in IO-Link mode or standard I/O mode

The FT 55-CM color sensor in compact design is particularly versatile. It offers excellent color detection even on difficult surfaces and can, for example, sort objects very reliably by color.

Color & contrast sensors

The attachment of color marks that are then evaluated with a color or contrast sensor is a proven method for identifying objects in industrial production. Even objects with differing shapes and surface properties can be very reliably detected in this way.

Color sensors
  • Sorting packaging or checking different labels
  • Detecting colors and color ranges on packaging and film
Contrast sensors
  • Detecting printing marks with the subtlest variations in grey values in the printing and packaging industry
  • Checking labels and stickers in the printing industry
Luminescence sensors
  • Detecting labels on glass bottles
  • Detecting invisible printing marks for object alignment